Omega Kustom 3-3/8 White 5-Gauge Set, Electric Speedometer


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Omega Kustom Instruments produces the most advanced speedometers and auxillary gauges available anywhere. All of Omega Kustom’s instruments have the finest movements available today and the latest lighting technology. Each gauge in the kit is surrounded by polished stainless steel bezels and real glass lenses.

Each Kool White Series set includes:

  • Speedometer (electric, without sending unit)
  • Fuel Level (with sender)
  • Water Temp (electric w/ sender)
  • Oil Pressure (electric w/ sender)
  • Voltmeter

Item Details

3-3/8″ Speedo, 2-1/16″ Auxiliary


Electronic Speedometer features:

  • 3-3/8″ diameter
  • Very Easy One Button Programming
  • Programming button can be hidden
  • Programs to all computers and Electronic Transmissions
  • Odometer
  • Hour Meter
  • Over Speed Indicator
  • Maximum Speed Save
  • Service Intervals

All auxillary gauges feature:

  • 2-1/16″ diameter
  • Stainless Steel Bezels
  • Anti-Scratch Glass Lens
  • Plastic Cases
  • Precision Movements
  • 1/8” NPT Oil & Water Senders
  • 240-33 Ohm Fuel Sender
  • Adjustable Brackets


All gauges come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty and are Made in the USA.