Omega Kustom 47-53 Chevy Pickup White 5 Inch Quad Gauge Set


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These 5″ Omega Kustom Chevy truck gauges are the perfect finishing touch for your truck. They have a programmable electric speedometer and a quad gauge with fuel level, oil pressure, water temperature, and voltage. Each set includes sending units and a GM style speedometer sender. Works with 12 volt systems ONLY.

The housing measures 4-1/2″ and the outside bezel measures 4-11/16″.


  • Electronic Speedometer Features:
    • Very Easy One Button Programming
    • Programming button can be hidden
    • Programs to all computers and electronic transmissions
    • Odometer
    • Trip Odometer
    • Hour Meter
    • Over Speed Indicator
    • Maximum Speed Save
    • Service Intervals
  • Gauge Features:
    • Stainless Steel Bezels
    • Anti-Scratch Glass Lens
    • Plastic Cases
    • Precision Movements
    • 1/8″NPT Oil & Water Senders
    • 240-33 Ohm Fuel Sender
    • Adjustable Brackets